About Our Vinegars
Full Fruit Vinegar
Full Fruit Vinegars are made from fruit wines. At The Vinegary we use an over abundance of the finest fruit or vegetable we can find to ferment into luscious wines that are bursting with flavor (yes you can make wine from vegetables).  This takes 5-6 weeks. After a short rest of 2-3 weeks, we add Mother, saved from a previous batch of vinegar, to the wine to start its fermentation. This takes 5-8 weeks. The vinegar is then transfered to aging barrels where the vinegar is allowed to mellow and ripen and take on a thousand complex flavors. This takes 6-36 months.
Sipping Vinegar
At The Vinegary, Sipping Vinegars are a special class of full fruit vinegar. These vinegars are so good that they are best appreciated in a snifter. I am not joking, these are the single malts of the vinegar world and are wood aged for years in either oak, cherry, or apple.
Drinking Vinegar
Shrubs, also known as Drinking Vinegars, are made with copious amounts of fruit mixed with a syrup made of vinegar and sugar. Traditionally, shrubs were a way to preserve the goodness of fresh fruit for later use, usually as a beverage. Shrubs are found in the toolkits of mixologists as an acid alternative. For cocktails, a good place to start using shrubs is to replace lemon or lime in drinks with an equal amount of shrub. The acid of the vinegar simply replaces the acid of the lemon, and the fruit flavor provides a whole different dimension to a classic drink.
Infused Vinegar
Infused Vinegars are made by soaking fruits/vegetables, spices, herbs in either white balsamic vinegar or white vinegar vinegar for 2-4 weeks.  Infused vinegars are for flavors that do not ferment well, such as garlic, rosemary, taragon, etc., infused vinegars are the only way to join these flavors with vinegar. 
About Us
Deep River Vinegar Works, located in Deep River, Connecticut, is small and laidback just like its namesake. On the banks of the Connecticut River life is slow, and perfectly suited to vinegar making. As a small batch producer of handcrafted, artisan vinegars we are free to explore and create the flavors that we like. We can only hope that you like them too.

Deep River